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DIGITAL BUSINESS CARDS can be ready same day.

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  • Blank
  • $80
  • 1 card
  • Ready same day*

Digital plastic business cards are a great way to share your digital micro website leading your customers into your sales funnel.


✅ Water resistant
✅ 30 mil thickness (credit card)
✅ Re-Programable
✅ Same Day Service Available
✅ Come in Black or White Colors
✅ Size: 3.375” x 2.125”
✅ Corners: Rounded
✅ Blank – no printing on either side
✅ Great for sales teams of any size
✅ Ask about custom printing options

How they work?

Digital business cards can be linked to: websites, linktree, a social media account, an app in the App Store, direct email, text, FaceTime link, a location, bluetooth connection, wi-fi network, or a vCard. Simply tap the top of an iPhone or Android device and deliver your information instantly.

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